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Interior Services

Interior Installation Services

Interior plants are back in high demand! Are you interested in sprucing up your home or office space with interior plants? We’ve got you covered! 


Our experienced interior plant specialist is available to come to your home or office space and evaluate your current plants and determine what other plants you may need to better create a healthy and green environment. 


Our experts take into account your vision, lighting, space, air flow, patterns, pets, and other factors before developing a thorough proposal and design. The proposal includes every aspect that was discussed in the initial consultation which includes an optional maintenance program.


Once we have agreed on an action plan, we deliver and install your interior plants and containers in their new space!

Interior Plant Maintenance Program

If you have plants in your home or office space that aren’t getting the care they need to keep your environment healthy and green, our experienced team members are here to assist you! 


Your plants will be maintained by trained professionals who tend to every detail of service, including watering, fertilizing, pruning, cleaning, rotating, and pest control to keep your environment green and healthy. 

We realize how important your interior green spaces are, so our maintenance program guarantees we will replace plants if necessary at no extra cost to you. It is part of our guarantee to maintain a worry-free, healthy and green environment allowing you to enjoy your new plant filled space. A satisfied customer is our top priority!



Email our interior specialists at: 

Or call/text 770-461-4860

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